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As is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in West Papua Province, Asbakin, Maklaumkarta, and Mega villages. West Bird’s Head area, north coast east of Dampler strait, inland towards Warsamson river. .


Lexical similarity: 60% with some dialects on Misool Island.

The As Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitelis
to blownus
to come-ma
to cook-biap
to count-wanɔs
to cry-tanis
to cut, hack-wɛʔ
to die, be deadma-ʔ
to dig-kail
to drink-nim
to eat-aʔ
to fall-mdɔl
to fear-msi
to flow-apis
to flynapɔ
to hear-fɔ|lɔŋɔ
to hit-təbɛlɛ
to hold-siu
to kill-bun
to know, be knowledgeable-nun
to laugh-melis
to lie down-bɔruɛpu
to live, be alive-wanɛʔ
to say-bin
to scratch-kaʔ
to see-du
to sewkarɛn
to shootfantanus
to sit-ba
to sleep-nɛ-k
to sniff, smell-fɛtɛn
to spitkapi
to split-wɛʔ kapaʔ
to squeeze-sidɔʔ
to stab, pierceisabɔ
to stand-sɔ
to suck-nim sus
to swellmalabaʔ
to swim-as
to thinkisɔarfɔ
to throw-tiʔ
to tie up, fasten-batin
to turn-balɛk
to walk-tan
to vomit-lu
to workkerja
to yawn

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