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Atlango was written by Richard A. Antonius as an IAL. It has been used for a translation of the Babel Text. Atlango is derived primarily from European languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German but also Latin and Ancient Greek and inspired by constructed languages: Volap√ľk, Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial, Neo and Interlingua.

The verb

All verbs are regular.

Sample verb: havi

Active Passive
1 havinta havita
2 havanta havata
3 havonta havota
Indicative Conditional Imperative
Present hava havu Sg.2: haves! / hav'!

Pl.1 hav' to!

Past havi - -
Past perfect havis havus -
Future havo - -
Future perfect havos - -

Sample verbs

Click verbs to conjugate them in the table above!
ami, debi, dezi, esti, feri, havi, podi, prizi, vadi, xanti.

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