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Awad Bing is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in Madang Province, Astrolabe Bay area, west of Saidor. 7 villages. .


Biliau, Galeg, Suit, Yamai, Yori. Distinct from, but similar to, Mindiri (See: Mindiri?) and Wab (See: Wab?).

The Awad Bing Verb

Sample Verbs

to burnaniŋiŋ
to come-si
to cry-taŋiŋ, taŋtaŋ
to die, be dead-ma : t
to dig-sar
to eat-aŋ
to fly-ruoi
to hear-luoŋ
to kill-fug
to open, uncover-pas
to shootpan
to sleep-en
to squeezeab
to suck-mus
to vomit-luwu
to yawn

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