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Bikol, Rinconada is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Luzon, Camarines Sur Province, Rinconada district, Iriga city, Baao, Bato, Balatan, Bula, and Nabua. .

The Bikol, Rinconada Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitekagát
to breathemagingainga
to burnsubsubán, suluón
to buymagbakál
to chewkisam-kisam
to climbmagpánik, magtukád
to comemagabót
to countmagbílang
to crymagburá', magtangís
to die, be deadmagraán
to digmagbubón, magkalót
to dreamtúrog
to drinkmaginóm
to eatmagkaón
to fallmaúlog
to feartákot
to flowmagsulóg
to flymag layug
to hearmarongóg
to hidemagtago'
to killmagguraán
to know, be knowledgeableísi
to laughmagtáwa
to lie downmagbatáng
to live, be alivebuwáy
to open, uncovermagbukás
to plantmagtanóm
to saymagsábi
to seemaíling
to sewmagtayí'
to sitmag-ola', mag-ula'
to sleepmagtúrog
to sniff, smellmagparóng
to stab, piercesaksák
to standtindóg
to stealmagtabán
to sucksupsóp
to swimmaglangóy
to throwmagbagát
to tie up, fastenbugkós
to walkmag-ági, maglaagí, magliagí
to workmagtrabáho
to yawn

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