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Bintulu is a language of Malaysia. It is spoken in Sarawak, northeast coast, Sibuti area, west of Niah; Bintulu area, and 2 enclaves west. .


Could also be classified as a Baram-Tinjar subgroup or as an isolate within the Rejang-Baram Group.

The Bintulu Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitesuɓut
to blowmevus
to breathebesidek
to burnpegew, tinew
to buymeley
to chewkuñeh
to climbbabay, pebaʔ
to comemapun, tieʔ
to cookmemasak
to countmeŋituŋ
to crymeŋit
to cut, hacktutek
to die, be deadmesuʔ
to digkukut
to dreamnupey
to drinksuɓaʔ
to eatpeñaʔ
to fallgatuʔ
to fearmaw
to flowpeluluk
to flymeñiri
to hearsebandiŋ
to hitmenutew
to holdmemen
to huntmerew
to killpesuʔ
to know, be knowledgeabletaʔuʔ
to laughbetaba
to lie downluɓiʔ
to live, be alivemurip
to open, uncovermuka, ukab
to plantmejaʔuŋ
to pound, beattupa, tutuk
to saypesi
to scratchmegazaw
to seepilaw
to sewmejaʔit
to shootmemaneh
to sitkuɗuʔ
to sleepmegen
to sniff, smellmemaw
to spitbejulaʔ
to splitmuɓa
to squeezememes
to stab, piercetumbek, turuk
to standmeriey
to stealmeñekaw
to sucksusip
to swellkambaŋ
to swimperiŋuy
to thinkbepikér
to throwpenaʔ
to tie up, fastenmiket
to turnbekeleŋ, bepusiŋ
to walklakaw
to vomitputaʔ
to workkerja
to yawnteñebab

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