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Gaddang is a language of Philippines. It is spoken in Luzon, central Isabela Province; Nueva Vizcaya Province, Bagabag, Bayombong, and Solano municipalities. .


Less than 80% intelligibility of Ga’dang (See: Ga’dang?). Lexical similarity: 80% with Ga’dang (See: Ga’dang?).

The Gaddang Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitemakkat
to blowmiddyob
to breathemangat
to burnmasikol
to buymagatang
to chewmaman
to choosepilin
to climbmunek
to comeumang
to cookmakalutu, millwag
to countmabilang
to crymɨttangit
to cut, hackgarilatan
to die, be deadnatay
to dreamtenɨp
to drinkminum
to eatmangan
to fallnadaqnɨg
to fearmatalaw
to flymɨkkayyab
to hearmadingɨg
to hidemasuqsuk
to holdqigamɨn
to huntmanganop
to killpatayan
to know, be knowledgeableqammo
to laughmakatawa
to plantmabinni
to pound, beatmɨbbayyo
to saysapit
to scratchmakarakot, mikkatul
to seeqitan
to sewmadet
to sitmatuttud
to sleepmaturog
to sniff, smelldaqlun
to spitmaluppa
to standmataqdɨg
to stealmatakaw
to suckmumul
to swimmanalog
to thinkmannonot
to throwqiyatto
to tie up, fastensiqgut
to turnmalliku
to walkmɨllakad
to vomitmuta
to workmatarabap̄o
to yawn

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