Lingwo Internaciona

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Fact corner

  • Language: Lingwo Internaciona
  • Created: 1907
  • Alternate names: Antido, Lingwo Internaciona di Antido 1
  • SIL-code: -
  • Language family: Conlang
  • Number of speakers: -
  • Script: Latin script


Lingwo Internaciona (Antido) is created by René de Saussure, a Swiss esperantist. His intention was to rectify problems and unlogical features of Esperanto. Lingwo Internaciona di Antido 1 was the first "revised" Esperanto that Saussure published.

The verb

Verbs were not revised in Lingwo Internaciona so they remain the same as in Esperanto.

Just some ortographical changes were made;

  • v is replaced by w
  • j is replaced by i, y
  • ĝ is replaced by j
  • ŝ is replaced by sh

Sample verb: esti

Indicative Active participle Passive participle Infinitive Jussive Conditional
Past estis estinta estita esti estu estus
Present estas estanta estata
Future estos estonta estota

Sample verbs

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esti, esperi

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