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Neve’ei is a language of Vanuatu. It is spoken in Central west Malekula. .



The Neve’ei Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitexas
to blowsesar, sesev, vuv
to breatheŋusŋus
to burnsuli, tuŋuh
to buyvul
to chewnsimwi, rer
to climbsesa'awi
to comevwelem
to cooktntn
to countdoŋon
to crytaŋ
to cut, hacktetar
to die, be deadmah
to digxal
to dreammatmatur-bari
to drinkmin
to eat'a'an
to fallsuren, wam
to fearmeta'
to flowror
to flymera'
to growmour
to hearroŋ
to hidebwa'
to hitbibis, xus
to holdseber, wu
to huntgagah, lulu
to killxus bin
to know, be knowledgeablero|gulel
to laughŋaŋ
to lie downmatur
to live, be alivemour
to open, uncovernsevuŋ, tebwar, wel
to plantluv
to pound, beattuɣ
to sayvweri
to scratchtegerev
to seeleh
to sewlelaɣ
to shootlu
to sitmwa'am
to sleepmatur
to sniff, smellnsuŋ, ŋusuv
to spitviviri
to splitteva', wanswans, ŋar
to squeezesisi, vus
to stab, piercedur
to standtur
to stealvevena'
to suckmumum
to swelllelem
to swimgar
to thinknsi|vwer, sisien
to throwvidenen lowi
to tie up, fastengu, vitalaɣ, vivisen
to turnvilih
to walkvavu
to vomityoxyoɣ
to workra'
to yawnmaŋalal

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