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Novial [nov- ("new") + IAL, International Auxiliary Language] is a constructed international auxiliary language (IAL) intended to facilitate international communication and friendship, without displacing anyone's native language. It was devised by Professor Otto Jespersen, a Danish linguist who was previously involved in the Ido movement, and subsequently in the development of Interlingua.

Its vocabulary is based largely on the Germanic and Romance languages and its grammar is influenced by English.

The verb

Verb forms never change with person or number. Most verb tenses, moods and voices are expressed with auxiliary verbs preceding the root form of the main verb. The auxiliaries follow the same word order as the English equivalent.

Sample verb: elekte

Indicative Conditional Imperative Participle
Present elekte vud elekte elekte! elektent
Past elekted / did elekte - - elektet
Future sal elekte / ve elekte - - -
Perfect ha elekte vud ha elekte - -
Pluperfect had elekte / did ha elekte - - -
Future perfect sal ha elekte / ve ha elekte - - -

Irregular verbs

Following verbs are conjugated differently than regular verbs:

  • voli; shows the form volud in conditional along with regular forms.
  • pove; shows the form povud in conditional along with regular forms.
  • deve; shows the form devud in conditional along with regular forms.
  • es, mus;

Sample verbs

Click verbs to conjugate them in the table above!
ama, elekte, ama.

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