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Old Dutch is a linguistic term denoting the forms of West Franconian spoken and written during the early Middle Ages (c. 500 - 1150) in the Netherlands and the northern part of present-day Belgium. Old Dutch is considered the first stage in the development of a separate Dutch language and is succeeded by Middle Dutch in the later Middle Ages.

The Old Dutch verb

Sample verb: sorgon

Present Past Present Past
Sg.1 sorgon sorgoda sorge sorgode -
Sg.2 sorgos sorgodos sorges sorgodes sorgo!
Sg.3 sorgot sorgoda sorge sorgode -
Pl.1 sorgon sorgodon sorgen sorgoden -
Pl.2 sorgot sorgodet sorget sorgodet sorgot
Pl.3 sorgont sorgodon sorgen sorgoden -

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