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Old Spanish is the predecessor of Modern Spanish. The "first written Spanish" is traditionally considered to have appeared in the Glosas Emilianenses (~ A.D. 978). Old Spanish period continued until approximately the fifteenth century.

The verb

Conjugation groups

Old Spanish verbs are divided in regular and irregular verbs. The vast majority of the verbs are regular. All the verbs are also divided in conjugation groups according to the ending in the infinitive.

  • 1st conjugation (I), verbs ending in -ar (from Latin -āre verbs)
  • 2nd conjugation (II), verbs ending in -er (from Latin -ēre and -ĕre verbs)
  • 3rd conjugation (III), verbs ending in -ir (from Latin -īre verbs)

Sample verb (1st conjugation): amar

Indicative Subjunctive Conditional Imperative
Present Imperfect Preterite Future Pluperfect Present Imperfect Future
Sg.1 amo amava amé amar (h)e / amaré amara ame amas(se) amaro / amar(e) amar (h)ía / amaría -
Sg.2 amas amavas amast(e) / amest(e) amar (h)as / amarás amaras ames amasses amares amar (h)ías / amarías / amaríes ama!
Sg.3 ama amava amó amar (h)a / amará amara ame amas(se) amar(e) amar (h)ía / amaría / amarie -
Pl.1 amamos amávamos amamos / amemos amar (h)emos / amaremos amáramos amemos amássemos amáremos amar (h)íamos / amaríamos / amariemos -
Pl.2 amades amábades amastes / amestes amar (h)edes / amaredes amárades amedes amássedes amár(e)des amar (h)íades / amaríades / amariedes amad!
Pl.3 aman amavan amaron amar (h)an / amarán amaran amen amassen amaren amar (h)ían / amarían / amarien -

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