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Proto-Romanian is a hypothetical language considered to have been spoken by the ancestors of today's Romanians and related Balkan Latin peoples (Vlachs), between the 7th and the 9th century.

Proto-Romanian already had a structure very distinct from the other Romance languages, with major differences in grammar, morphology and phonology and already was a member of the Balkan linguistic union. Most of its features can be found in the modern Eastern Romance languages. It already contained around a hundred loans from Slavic languages, including words such as "trup" (body), as well as some Greek language loans via Vulgar Latin (Eastern).

The verb

Sample verb (1st conjugation): latrare

Present Imperfect Preterite Pluperfect Past
Sg.1 latru latram latrai latrase aeu latratu latrarem se latru
Sg.2 latri latrai latrasi latrasi aei latratu latrari se latri
Sg.3 latra latra latrae latrase ae latratu latrare se ?
Pl.1 latramu latramu latraemu latrasemu aemu latratu latraremu se latramu
Pl.2 latrati latrati latraeti latraseti aeti latratu latrareti se latrati
Pl.3 latrau latrau latraere latrase ae latratu latrare se ?

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