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  • Romanova(approve sites) is an international language and was created by David Crandall, Robert Hubert, Michael Edwards. It has been used for a translation of the Babel Text.

Language materials have been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and more languages, making it one of the most serious of the newly constructed contenders for IALs. Having intelligibility for Romance-speakers maximized to about 90% on the average, and thus immediately useful for basic communication with several hundred million people who have never studied it. It is especially useful if translation into the natural Romance languages would be too difficult.

The verb

  • Verb infinitives end either in -ar or -er.
  • Verbs are not conjugated in person or number.
  • There are irregular verbs too.

Sample verb: parter

Present participlepartendo
Past participlepartido
Past imperfectparteva

Sample verbs

Click verbs to conjugate them in the table above!
cantar, parter
Check the list of 550+ Romanova verbs too!

Irregular verbs

Ser 'to be'

Other verbs

  • vener, tener, detener, retener, contener, apartener, devener, prevener, cerer
  • evacuar, insinuar, continuar
  • distribuer, fluer, influer, destruer, destituer,
  • andar
  • oier
  • atraer, contraer, sutraer
  • fotografiar, radiografiar, ortografiar, enviar
  • reuner
  • proiber
  • rever
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