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Scanian is considered a separate language mainly from a historical or cultural point of view and is not regarded as a separate language by the Swedish government. However, a few Scanian regionalist debaters express the view that Scanian is a suppressed minority language, and that it therefore should be considered an official minority language. The boundaries established in traditional Swedish dialectology as a delimiter for the South-Swedish dialect area (Sydsvenska mål in Swedish) are approximately the same, and also include within its classification most of the historical Skåneland region, but with the exception of Bornholm and with the addition of the old border region in southern Småland.

The Scanian verb

The modern Scanian verb is inflected by mood and tense:

Sample verb: ajta

Present Past
Sg.1 ajtar ajta -
Sg.2 ajta!
Sg.3 -
Pl.1 -
Pl.2 ajtar!
Pl.3 -

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