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Sunda is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in West Java and Banten provinces. Western third of the island. .


Bogor (Krawang), Cirebon, Pringan.

The Sunda Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitengegel
to blowniup
to breathenyeunghap
to burnmeuleum
to buymeuli
to chewngagayem
to choosemilih
to climbnaek
to comedatang
to cookmasak
to countngitung
to cryceurik, nangis
to cut, hackmotong
to die, be deadpaèh
to digngali
to dreamngimpi
to drinknginum
to eatdahar
to fallragrag
to fearsieun
to flowngalir
to flyhiber
to growtuwuh
to hearngadenge
to hideñumput
to hitneunggeul
to holdnyekel
to huntmoro
to killmaehan
to know, be knowledgeablenyaho
to laughsÖri, seuri
to lie downngagoler
to live, be alivehirup
to open, uncovermukɘ
to plantmelak
to pound, beatnutu
to sayngomong
to scratchngagaro
to seenenjo
to sewngaput
to shootngabedil
to sitdiuk
to sleepsáre
to sniff, smellnyium
to spitnyiduh
to splitmeulah
to squeezemeres
to stab, piercenubles
to standnangtung
to stealmaok
to sucknyeuseup
to swellbareuh
to swimngojay
to thinkmikir
to throwmaledogkeun
to tie up, fastenmeungkeut
to turnméngkol
to walkleumpang
to vomitutah
to workdigawe
to yawnheuay

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