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Degerforsmål is linguistic variety of Standard Swedish language. It is spoken in Degerfors municipality and its surroundings in Sweden.

The language cited here is refers to the language spoken in the end of the 19th century.

Swedish languages

[Edit] There are many variants of standard Swedish. Some of these are considered dialects and other as separate languages.

The verb

The verb is inflected in the same tenses as standard Swedish. Also the verbs follow the same conjugation classes and the division in regular and irregular verbs.

Sample verb

Regular verbs

Indicative Present Indicative Past Imperative
Sg.1 baka baka -
Sg.2 baka!
Sg.3 -
Pl.1 -
Pl.2 baken!
Pl.3 -

Irregular verbs

Indicative Present Indicative Past Imperative
Sg.1 bit beit -
Sg.2 bit!
Sg.3 -
Pl.1 bît -
Pl.2 biten!
Pl.3 -
Indicative Present Indicative Past Conjunctive Past Imperative
Sg.1 jær / je var / va vôr -
Sg.2 ?
Sg.3 -
Pl.1 vara / va va / vôr -
Pl.2 vyren!
Pl.3 -


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