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Uusisuom (by Daniel Tammet) is an international auxiliary language. Its main purpose is to help bring people together and to broaden mental horizons.

The verb

Sample verb: kirti

Affirmative forms Negative forms
Present Past Future Conditional Present Past Future Conditional
Sg.1 kiran kiranju kiransu kiranvo Sg.1 en kir enju kir ensu kir envo kir
Sg.2 kiret kiretju kiretsu kiretvo Sg.2 et kir etju kir etsu kir etvo kir
Sg.3 kirollu kirolluju kirollusu kirolluvo Sg.3 ellu kir elluju kir ellusu kir elluvo kir
Pl.1 kiramme kirammeju kirammesu kirammevo Pl.1 emme kir emmeju kir emmesu kir emmevo kir
Pl.2 kiratte kiratteju kirattesu kirattevo Pl.2 ette kir etteju kir ettesu kir ettevo kir
Pl.3 kiranne kiranneju kirannesu kirannevo Pl.3 enne kir enneju kir ennesu kir ennevo kir

Sample verbs

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kirti, talti.

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