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Unfixed issues have been moved to Verbix 2008 Beta 3 page.


  • Amazon tab with book references. Perform a query to see what grammar books there are at Amazon for selected language.
  • Translations tab with translations for current verb. The verbs on translations tab can be clicked, in order to conjugate them.
  • Language info tab with information about the language.
  • Also see what was fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 1



  • Back conjugation. Also, I had put in the conjugation "gedacht" and was put into the infinitive for "gedenken." Here, "denken" would be the more common verb that somebody would want to conjugate. Still, this is a very helpful program and I appreciate that you are still committed to making improvements to it. Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3
  • Finnish verbs such as rangaista conjugate more commonly as rankaisee with g to k gradation. Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3.
  • English shear does have other forms such as participle shorn Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3. You will be able to configure whether to show or not dialectal, archaic, and obsolete forms.
  • The About box shows wrongly my Vista version. Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3
  • Some of buttons look "ancient", i.e., they look more like Windows 2000 than MsVista or XPFixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3
  • Some buttons look like as the icon would be missingFixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3
  • After using the XML based language extensions, it seems that Verbix keeps running in memory although I've exited it. This happens in VistaFixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 3

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