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Unfixed issues have been moved to Verbix 2008 Beta 2 page.


Translation feature. I tried out Verbix for conjugating German verbs. I would love to have had the infinitive translated into English somewhere in there. Added in Verbix 2008 Beta 2


Thank you for offering this opportunity to try Verbix 2008. After installing, I receive an error message 'Can't conjugate 'C:\Documents and Settings\Propriétaire\Application Data\verbix\html\verb.html' No further try is succesful (tying to conjugate any verb leads to same kind of message,...). I already had trouble with some softwares with the 'C:\Documents and Settings\Propriétaire' adress, because of the "é" in Propriétaire, but this is a default setting in french windows, and I can't change it Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 2


Glad to see font changes for Irregulars, Ortographic (spelling error in Options) Added in Verbix 2008 Beta 2

Layout of verb tables

Only the left side tense headings are displayed. Fixed in Verbix 2008 Beta 2

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