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Too difficult to use and the download irritating. Rather return to what I already have. Thanks Verbix is available for download at Winsite(approve sites) too.

Problems with version 8.3+: 1. User notes are scanty and difficult to figure out. 2. No instant access to this page. I had to do use a Search Engine to find it. 3. My (latest) version of Verbix does not list the Negative Forms of the Imperative in Spanish. Another (earlier?) version on the Web includes it.

Suggestions: 1. Include English translation next to the infinitive at the top of the conjugation page. 2. There are very few English translations of the Spanish verbs available on my new copy. Why? What happened to the dictionary which was supposed to be included? 3. Multiple translations of languages (especially those which are not used anywhere near here) is really irritating. I just want to see the English translation for the Spanish verbs I am learning. I have no interest in the Finnish or Icelandic translations or any other European language. I live and work in the American region and the Oceanic region. 4. Please provide an option to suppress the vosotros (second person plural) entries. They are not used in Latin America and are annoying.

Well, I don't know your work for the other languages but I'll only talk about Turkish, which I'm preparing t teach nowadays. Let me say you've done great work; you write a non-existent verb and the website conjugates it just the way it would be conjugated. However, there are many verbs in the software and the website that do not exist at all (e.g., madımak is a kind of herb and is the name of a town in Turkey; it's not a verb). Additionally, you can make any noun in Turkish a verb with some suffixes, and the conjugation of those suffixes are standard. However, inclusion of every potential verb wouldn't be the best idea, and the software is flooded with many (sometimes funny, sometimes even meaningless) verbs like this. Ok., you say it's an erroneous usage of Verbix, but still, it would be nice to - at least - look up the word from a dictionary to see if it really exists. Maybe you could find a moderator to clean the list and correct the errors (yes, there are many), or allow volunteer native speakers to correct mistakes and add/remove content.

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