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Aputai is a language of Indonesia. It is spoken in Southwest Maluku Province, 2 villages. North central Wetar island, Banda Sea coast, Ilputih village; south central Wetar, Wetar strait coast, Lurang village. .


Ilputih, Lurang, Welemur. Lexical similarity: 93% among dialects, 79% with Perai (See: Perai), 74% with Tugun (See: Tugun), 69% with Ili’uun (See: Ili’uun?), 57% with Galolen (See: Galolen?).

The Aputai Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite'heu
to burn'tunu
to come'ma
to cryna'ge
to die, be dead'mate
to dreama'mi
to drink'inu
to eat'ua
to fall'fonuk
to fly'palia
to hearliuŋ
to kill'ega
to know, be knowledgeable'nauŋ
to laugh'mali
to scratch'gatan
to see'naoŋ
to sit'tur
to sleep'lole
to spitpikpa're
to stand'gale
to swim'nani
to walk'ahak
to vomit'muta
to yawn

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