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Comorian (Shikomor) is the most widely used language on the Comoros (independent islands in the Indian Ocean, off Mozambique and Madagascar). It is a close relative of Swahili? with a very strong Arabic influence, and is one of the three official languages of the Comoros, next to French and Arabic.

Each island has a slightly different dialect; that of Anjouan is called Shindzuani, that of Mohel Shimwali, that of Maore Shimaore, and that of Grand Comoro Shingadzija. No official alphabet existed in 1992, but Arabic and Latin scripts were both used.

The verb

Sample verb: huheza

Present Present continuous Past Future
Sg.1 mihuheza ngamhezo tsihezo ngamdjoheza
Sg.2 wehuheza ngohezo huhezo ngodjoheza
Sg.3 yehuheza nguhezo hahezo ngudjoheza
Pl.1 sihuheza ngarihezo rihezo ngaridjoheza
Pl.2 nyihuheza ngamhezo mhezo ngamdjoheza
Pl.3 wohuheza ngwahezo wahezo ngwadjoheza

Conjugate other Comorian Ngazidja verbs

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husoma, hulala, huheza, hufunga, hulila, huhula, hutrunga.

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