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  • Language: Dekavurian
  • Alternate names: -
  • SIL-code: Ethnologue:cdek
  • Language family: Artificial
  • Number of speakers: -
  • Script: -

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Dekavurian is a fictive language. "It is an East Germanic language closely related to Gothic; it is thus a kind of second cousin once removed from English, or a first cousin of Old English and Old Norse. This is deliberate, although it doesn't make for a terribly unusual language; because the majority of personal and place names in the book will be in Dekavurian, they will at least be more familiar than the distinctly alien Liotan."

The content of this page is machine-generated from a Verbix language extension file (dekavurian.xml). Language extension files add new languages in Verbix for Windows.

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