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The Kven language is spoken mostly by the Kven population in Northern Norway. From a linguistic point of view the Kven language is a mutually intelligible dialect of Finnish, but for political and historical reasons it received in 2005 status of a legal minority language in Norway, within the framework of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

The Verb

  • 3 modes: indicative, conditional, imperative
  • 4 tenses: present, preterite, perfect, pluperfect
  • 2 numbers: singular, plural
  • 3 persons.

Sample verb: saađa 'to get'

Present Past
Sg.1 saan sain saisin -
Sg.2 saat sait saisit saa
Sg.3 saapi sai sais saakhoon
Pl.1 saama saima saisima saama
Pl.2 saatta saitta saisitta saakkaa
Pl.3 saađhään saathiin saatais saakhoot
Passive saađhään saathiin saatais saatakhoot

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