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Meänkieli (lit. "our language") is spoken in the most northern parts of Sweden, around the valley of the Torne River. From a linguistic point of view Meänkieli is a mutually intelligible dialect of Finnish, but for political and historical reasons it has the status of a minority language in Sweden.

In Swedish nowadays the language is usually referred to as Meänkieli by the authorities; a common, and older, name is tornedalsfinska which literally means "Torne Valley Finnish".

The Verb

Sample verb: olla 'to be'

Present Past
Sg.1 olen olin
Sg.2 olet olit
Sg.3 on / oon oli
Pl.1 olema olima
Pl.2 oletta olitta
Pl.3 on / oon olit

forms in italics differ from standard written Finnish.

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