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Franco-Provençal is a Romance language with several distinct dialects that form a linguistic sub-group separate from Langue d'Oïl and Langue d'Oc. The name Franco-Provençal shares features with French and Provençal? without belonging to either.

The verb

Verbs form three grammatical conjugation classes, each of which are further split into two subclasses.

  • Verbs in Group 1a end in -ar (côsar, "to speak"; chantar, "to sing"); Group 1b end in -ier (mengier, "to eat");
  • Groups 2a & 2b end in -ir (finir, "to finish"; venir, "to come"),
  • Group 3a end in -êr (dêvêr, "to owe"), and Group 3b end in -re (vendre, "to sell").

Auxiliary verbs are: avêr (to have) and étre (to be).

Each conjugation is different, formed by isolating the verb stem and adding an ending determined by mood, tense, voice, and number.

Verbs are inflected in four moods: (indicative, imperative, subjunctive, and conditional), and two impersonal moods: (infinitive and participle), which includes verbal adjectives.

Sample verbs:

cantarechanterchantarcantar / chantar
pacarepayerpayérpagar / paiar

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