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Harari is the language of the Harari people of Ethiopia. Most of its speakers are multilingual in Amharic and/or Oromo. Harari is closely related to the East Gurage languages, Zay? and Silt'e?. It also borrows several words from the Arabic language.

The verb

Auxiliary verbs

To be

Past tense Present tense Imperative
Affirmative Negative Affirmative Negative
Sg.1 Án narkhú Án alnárkhúm Án halko Án elkhúm -
Sg.2 Akhákh nárkhí Akhákh alnárkhím Akhákh halkhí Akhákh elkhím Hal
Sg.3 Huwa nárá Huwa alnárum Huwa hal Huwa elúm -
Pl.1 Inyásh nárná Inyásh alnárum -
Pl.2 Akhákhásh narkhú Akhákhásh alnárkhúm Halkhú
Pl.3 Hiyyásh nárú Hiyyásh alnárúm Hiyyásh halú Hiyyásh elúm -

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