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  • Language: ‡Hua
  • Alternate names: ‡Hoa, ‡Hoã, ‡Hoan, ‡Hua-Owani, |Hû, |Hua
  • SIL-code: Ethnologue:huc
  • Language family: Khoisan, Southern Africa, Southern, Hua
  • Number of speakers: 200
  • Script: Latin script


‡Hua is a Khoisan language spoken in southeastern Botswana, just south of the Khutse game reserve (around Tswaane, Dutlwe, Tsia, Salajwe and Khudumelapye). The closely related language Sasi? is spoken in Botswana around Lethajwe and Artesia (south of Shoshong). Sasi and Hua are mutually intelligible.

Like southern Khoisan languages, Hua has a bilabial click (noted @). It also has four level tones and one rising contour tone.

The Hua Verb

Hua has a progressive and perfect aspect, a past tense and a future tense. Negation precedes the tense and aspect markers.


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