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  • Language: Hupa
  • Alternate names: Hoopa
  • SIL-code: Ethnologue:hup
  • Language family: Na-Dene, Nuclear Na-Dene, Athapaskan-Eyak, Athapaskan, Pacific Coast, California, Hupa
  • Number of speakers: 8
  • Script: -


Hupa is language of Hupa, Native North Americans, whose traditional land is Hupa Valley, California. Hupa tradition suggests that they have lived in Hupa valley for over 4,000 years. Some Hupa people also speak Yurok?.

The verb

Sample verb: -chwe'n


Sg.1  we:-chwe'n 
Sg.2  win-chwe'n 
Sg.3  ch'i-win-chwe'n 
Pl.1  wi-di-chwe'n 
Pl.2  woh-chwe'n 
Pl.3  ya'win-chwe'n 
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