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Jiarong is distinguished by its morphological complexity, and the archaisms. It's considered by linguists to be a living fossil of the Sino-Tibetan languages.

The samples on this page are based on the Cogtse/Somang dialects.

The verb

  • Persons are marked by prexifing and affixsing the verb root.
  • There are 3 numbers: singular, dual, and plural
  • There are 3 persons: 1st (I), 2nd (you), and 3rd (he, she, it)

Personal markers of the Jiarong verb

Person Singular Dual Plural
Intransitive Transitive Intransitive Transitive Intransitive Transitive
1st -tʃh -i
2nd tə- -n tə- -u tə- -ntʃh tə- -ŋ
3rd - -u wə- -ntʃh kə- -ntʃh wə- -ŋ kə- -ŋ

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  • Guillaume Jacques: La morphologie du sino-tibétain(approve sites) (Journée d’étude « la linguistique comparative en France aujourd’hui », 4 mars 2006, EHESS) (sinotib.pdf)

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