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Kathu is a language of China. It is spoken in Yunnan Province, Guangnan county, Balong district. Possibly in Guangxi Province. .

The Kathu Verb

Sample Verbs

to choosesiḛ31
to comelo33
to die, be deadxɪ33
to digbɯ̱13, bɯ̰13
to eatðo31
to fallθe̱33
to fearnḭ13 ȵᴀ33
to flyple33
to hittʂhɤ55, ti21
to killθi55
to know, be knowledgeableθḭ31
to sayklɪ̰33
to seemɯɑ33
to sewȥe13, ȥe31
to sitte33
to thinkpi̱33
to tie up, fastenpo̱13
to walkθṵ31
to vomitphe55
to workmu33
to yawn

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