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Kenyang is a language spoken in Cameroon.

The Verb

In Kenyang, the most free form of the verb is the imperative.

Kenyang distinguishes

  • 4 tenses: near past, far past, future certain, and future uncertain
  • 4 aspects: present perfective, present imperfective, present habitual, and the progressive.

In the orthography, if the tense and aspect markers occur after the verb, they are written as separate words, but if they occur before the verb, they are written together with the subject prefix.


twɔ 'to come'

Near pastatwɔ mbʉ́He came (before two days ago)
Far pastatwɔ nyákáHe came (a long time ago)
Future certainǎchɔŋ twɔ́He will come
Future uncertainamay twɔ́He may come


twɔ 'to come'

Present perfectiveatwɔHe has come
Present imperfectiveatwɔ́He came
Present habitualǎtwɔ nɔkɔHe usually comes
Present continuousǎtwɔ̀He is coming

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