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Mambae is a language of Timor-Leste. It is spoken in Central Timor mountains, Ermera, Aileu, and Ainaro areas. .


Damata, Lolei, Mambae, Manua. North Mambae and South Mambae show significant differences.

The Mambae Verb

Sample Verbs

to bitehwi
to blowfu
to breathesnukan
to burntun
to buyalu
to comema
to cooktlei
to countfre/sur
to cryseru
to cut, hackdo
to die, be deadmaiet
to digke, tar
to drinkeon
to eatmu
to fallblai/mo
to feartmau
to flowera lol
to hearflik
to hitbob
to holdfail, kau
to huntliu
to killsa
to know, be knowledgeabletad
to laughknin
to lie downboiei
to live, be alivemwir
to open, uncoverlae
to plantta:n
to saykase, tou
to scratchcrui
to seeeiot
to sewsu
to shoottiur
to sitkdei
to sleepboiei
to spittulaba
to squeezekum
to stab, piercesalolu
to standmri
to stealpenaŹ”o
to sucksus
to swimnain
to thinkdinir, notar
to throwte
to tie up, fastenhut
to turntakali
to walklolai
to vomitmuta
to workservius
to yawn

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