Modern Indo-European


Modern Indo-European is an international auxiliary language based on the late Proto-Indo-European language, presented by two students at Extremadura University, Carlos Quiles and María Teresa Batalla, in 2006.

The Verb

  • Verbs are divided in 2 main classes by their endings: athematic and thematic.
  • Verbs are divided in regular and irregular verb conjugations.
  • Regular verbs are divided in 12 conjugation groups; 8 thematic and 4 athematic.
  • Verbs are conjugated by voice, mood, tense, number, and person.

Sample verb: loutus

Present stem: low-o-

Indicative Subjunctive Optative Imperative
Sg.1 lowō lowōm lowoim -
Sg.2 lówesi lowēs lowois lowe
Sg.3 lóweti lowēt lowoit lówetōd
Pl.1 lówomes lówōme lówoime -
Pl.2 lówete lowēte lówoite lówete
Pl.3 lówonti lowōnt lowoint lówontōd
Indicative Subjunctive Optative PASSIVE*
Sg.1 lowai lowā́ lowoia lowar
Sg.2 lówesoi lowḗso lówoiso lówesor
Sg.3 lówetoi lowḗto lówoito lówetor
Pl.1 lówomesdha lowṓmedhā lówoimedha lówomor
Pl.2 lówedhe lowḗdhue lówoidhue lówedhuer
Pl.3 lówontoi lowṓnto lówjṇto lówontor

Aorist stem: lou-s- (Sigmatic aorist)

Indicative Subjunctive Optative
Sg.1 lousṃ lousóm lousijēm
Sg.2 lous(s) lousés lousijēs
Sg.3 loust lousét lousijēt
Pl.1 lousme lousome lousīme
Pl.2 louste lousete lousīte
Pl.3 lousṇt lousónt lousijṇt
Indicative Subjunctive Optative
Sg.1 lousma lousa lousijā
Sg.2 lous(s)o lóuseso lousīso
Sg.3 lousto lóuseto lousīto
Pl.1 lóusmedha lóusomedhā lousī́medha
Pl.2 lousdhue lóusedhue lousīdhue
Pl.3 lousṇto lóusonto lousíjṇto

Perfect stem: lōw-/lou-

Indicative Subjunctive Optative PAST* MIDDLE*
Sg.1 lōwa lōwō lōwóim lōwóm lōwā
Sg.2 lōuta lōwes lōwóis lōwés lṓweso
Sg.3 lōwe lōwet lōwóit lōwét lṓweto
Pl.1 loumé lṓwome lōwoime lōwome lṓwomedha
Pl.2 louté lṓwete lōwoite lōwete lṓwedhue
Pl.3 lowŕ lṓwont lōwóint lōwónt lṓwonto

Future stem: lou-s-io-

Future Conditional*
Sg.1 lousiō lousiom
Sg.2 lóusiesi lousies
Sg.3 lóusieti lousiet
Pl.1 lóusiomes lóusiome
Pl.2 lóusiete lóusiete
Pl.3 lóusionti lousiont


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