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Niuafo’ou is a language of Tonga. It is spoken in Niuafo’ou and ’Eua islands. .


Probably a dialect of East Uvean (See: Wallisian).

The Niuafo’ou Verb

Sample Verbs

to chewlamu
to cut, hacktu'usi
to die, be deadmate
to drinkinu
to eatkai
to fall
to fear'ilifia
to flowtafe
to hearfanongo
to hittuki
to holdpuke
to know, be knowledgeable'ilo
to laughkata
to lie downtokoto
to live, be alivemo'ui
to saylea
to sitnofo
to sleepmoe
to spit'a'anu
to standtu'u
to swellpula
to swimkakau
to throwtolo
to vomitlua
to yawn

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