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The Vlax Romani language is spoken mainly in Southeastern Europe by Romani people.It is the most widely-spoken dialect subgroup of the Romani language worldwide. Most Vlax Romani speakers live in Romania, Colombia, and Albania.

Vlax Romani is classified in two main groups, each with a number of dialects:

  • Northern (also called Vlax I):
    • Čekeši Romani
    • Kalderash Romani
    • Lovari Romani
    • Mačvaja Romani
    • Northern Ukrainian
  • Southern (also called Vlax II):
    • Agia Varvara Romani
    • Prekmurski Romani
    • Gurbet Romani
    • Gurbet-Rabešte
    • Kalburdžu Romani
    • Moldavian Romani
    • Prizren Romani
    • Rakarengo Romani
    • Thracian Kalajdži Romani

All Vlax Roamni dialects are inherently intelligible; differences are mainly lexical and sociolinguistic.

The verb

The grammatical system is analogous to that of the modern Indic languages. The language has two numbers, three moods, three persons, and five tenses (present, imperfect, perfect, pluperfect, and future).


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