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Romanian is the easternmost member of the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family. It developed from Vulgar Latin during the 5th-6th centuries after the territory which is now Romania was part of the Roman Empire.

Romanian is the official language of Romania where it is spoken as a first language by 20 million people and is used in all spheres of life. Romanian is also the official language of Moldova, a former Soviet republic, where it is called Moldovan for political reasons. It is spoken in Moldova by 3 million people.

The verb

  • Romanian verbs agree with their subjects in person (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and number (singular, plural).
  • There are four conjugations.
  • There are three simple tenses: present, past, future. Compound tenses are formed with the auxiliary verb avea "to have."
  • There are five moods: indicative, conditional, subjunctive, and imperative. Most moods have one or two tenses, the indicative mood has eight tenses.
  • There are three voices: active, passive, and reflexive.

Sample verb: a cânta

Infinitivea cânta

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