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Ume Sami is a Sami language spoken in Sweden and Norway. It is a dying language with only about 20 native speakers left and is spoken mainly along the Ume River in the north of Arjeplog and Arvidsjaur.

The Verb


Verbs conjugate for three grammatical persons:

  • first person
  • second person
  • third person

Grammatical number

Verbs conjugate for three grammatical numbers:

  • singular
  • dual
  • plural

Sample verb: gùllat

Present Preterite Imperative Nominal forms
Sg.1 guulòv gǜllòv - Past participle: gùllama
Infinitive: gùllat
Gerundive II: gùllamen
Supine: guulahtjit
Sg.2 guulah gǜllah guula
Sg.3 gùllaa güülii -
Du.1 gùllan güüliimen -
Du.2 gùllabähten güüliiden gùllabähten
Du.3 gùllaväggan güüliigen -
Pl.1 gùllahpa güüliime -
Pl.2 gùllabehta güüliide gǜllada
Pl.3 gǜlläh gǜllan -
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