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Takia is a language of Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in Madang Province, Madang district, Karkar island south half, Bagabag island, Megiar and Serang coastal villages. .


Megiar, Serang.

The Takia Verb

Sample Verbs

to bite-arat-, -ratag, -rati
to blow-wi
to breathea su hutani-, yaes -bal
to burn-ded ininiwti, -mari
to buy-dad
to chew-mam
to choose-plani
to climb-sa
to come-palu, -saidu
to cook-dali, -ei, -gisi, -ney
to count-sti
to cry-ta-, -tata
to cut, hack-tare
to die, be dead-mat
to dig-sare, -swe
to dreamamiŋ, -en-amin
to drink-luk, -lumi
to eat-ani, -g/ani
to fall-du
to feardirer, rre-k
to flow-aw
to fly-rou
to grow-tabulsi
to hear-lon-, -loŋ
to hide-myani
to hit-fni, -fun-, nuk duhum'-
to hold-abi
to hunt-kdi
to kill-fni-mat, -funi, -pun- -mat-
to know, be knowledgeable-loŋ
to laugh-sel
to lie down-en-si
to live, be alive-ma, -mado
to open, uncover-pasi
to plant-pae
to pound, beat-fni
to say-bol, -bol-
to scratch-rare
to seedile, -le, -te-
to sew-sti
to shoot-pane, -suwe
to sit-madosi, -madsi, -ma-si, -medo
to sleep-en, -y/on-
to sniff, smell-rassani, -wen -loŋ, -ŋalon-
to spitlesu/n, -lusu
to split-g-fte, -gile
to squeeze-ppi
to stab, pierce-suwe, -swe
to stand-tur, -tur-
to steal-gam
to suck-su-ppi
to swellddi
to swim-log, -patu-
to think-bol
to throw-bal
to tie up, fastenfou-, -pirike, -sbani
to turnbuli, -ptlani
to walk-au-, -par, -tor, -tor-
to vomit-lu, -lu-
to workurat
to yawnawa- -abi

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