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Ancient world web site has been closed since a few years back. It also contained an excellent list of links to linguistic sites that are listed below.

Ancient Scripts of the World
One of the few sites that focuses on writing systems in general. Organized by region or linguistic structure. Entry added on 3-Apr-1999. [English]
Accademia Vivarium Novum
Submitted as; "Didattica delle lingue classiche; latino e greco. Metodo induttivo ├śrberg e Athenaze; Latin and Greek" [Italian]
Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
My favorite Latin grammar (in terms of charm), dating from the turn of the century. The English of this grammar is formal and slightly antiquated ("I be dancing"),but is an excellent resource for students of Latin. [English]
An Annotated Bibliography of Papua New Guinean Folklore
The bibliography is organized into geographic, topical, and individual indices. [English]
An Introduction to Ogham
Learn about Ogham, an ancient Celtic/Irish alphabet; includes manyillustrations and the "Ultimate Ogham Table", as well as links toother resources.
Ancient Greek Tutorials
This is a beta site built for Greek courses at UC Berkeley.
Ancient MesoAmerican Writing
Dedicated to the writing systems of the Mesoamerican nations, this site is balanced and fair, clearly separating the opinions of the author from the prevailing accepted/scholarly beliefs. [English]
Austronesian Language Comparison
An interesting, but basic look at how specific common words in various Austronesian Languages compare. [English]
Aymara; Lenguaje, Cultura, e Historia
A wonderfully rich site that includes FAQs, a bibliography, maps, music, a mailing list, and a link list. The most exciting part, however, is the language section - alphabet, grammar rules, pronunciation guide, and vocabulary. [Spanish] [English]
Bryn Mawr Classical Review
James O'Donnell has brought everyone's favorite series of book reviews to the web. [English]
Catalogi Codicum Montis Athonis
The web server for the Philotheou Monastery Catalog Project, this siteoffers methodological papers, studies, progress reports, information on watermarks, and a catalog of the documents themselves. [English]
Celtic Studies Resources
Annotated links, bibliographies, and faqs about Celtic languages, myths, and culture, straight from the perspective of an "opinionated digital medievalist" [English]
Chinese Characters - Genealogy, Dictionary, Readings
Language, literature and other writings, and characters - a great and useful site. [English]
Comparative Bantu OnLine Dictionary
CBOLD a lexicographic database to support and enhance the theoretical, descriptive, and historical linguistic study of the languages in the Bantu language family.
Davidic Chiasmus & Parallelisms
This is "A Governing Literary Structure for Messianic Literature" which identifies and details an intricate, specific and repeated pattern, or structure, found in religious and non-religions documents including the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and works by "LDS and non-LDS authors." [English]
Digital Papyrology project
from the University of Michigan. [English]
Duke Papyrus Archive
Duke's site is extensive and well-organized. There are general papyrology links, extensive information, 200+ images. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. [English]
Earliest Writing Found
The BBC reports; 5500 year old pottery shards found at Harappa in Pakistan show inscribed characters. [English]
Electronic Library of the Bath House
This site's focus; various Texts Associated with the Emperor Elagabalus [English]
Etruscan Phrases
The site contains an ongoing study of conjugation and declension patterns of the extant Etruscan scripts. [English]
Evolution of Alphabets
A great collection of animated gifs that display the evolution of letter forms - from Cuneiform and Phoenician letters right through Latin and Cyrillic forms. [English]
Facta & Verba
This site demonstrates an HTML-concordance on Vergil's Aeneid IV. [English]
Greek and Latin Rhetorical Figures
Ah, this is an excellent service. Classical Latin and Greek rhetorical figures are not necessarily the same as modern rhetorical ones. [English]
Iberian Epigraphy Page
An introduction to ancient Iberian writing and language, Celtiberian and TArtessian writings, and the origin of Palaeo-Hispanic writings, with updated sign tables and selected bibliography. [English]
Images of Orality & Literacy in Greek Iconography
A collection assembled by Andrew Wiesner, these images reflect Greek attitudes towards writing and text. [English]
Indo-European Resources
What a marvelous collection of resources gathered here. Anyone who has tried to find Indo-European sites on the web will be grateful for this collection. [English]
Interpreting Ancient Documents
The ancient documents in question are the New Testament. There are substantial English translations. URL updated May 17, 2001.[English]
Late Latin & Medieval Texts
Virgil, Tacitus, Lucretius, Ausonius, etc. [English]
Latin and Greek
In submitting this site, the author asks, "Why should people learn Latin or even Greek in school? Learn about Austrian discussions!" [German]
Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University
Help for all levels of Latin-learning and Latin-teaching; handouts, readers, pedagogical ideas, software, related links. [English]
The place "where Latin teachers meet in Cyberspace", home of a mailing list, archives, book reviews, lesson plans, interesting links, articles and webrings of interest to Latin teachers.
Leuven Database of Ancient Books (LDAB)
This searchable database strives to catalog all ancient literary texts. At the time of entry, it referenced 9,132 items, 3,487 of the texts of which are anonymous. These records describe the ancient text, its materials, authors, current location, plates, language, and more. Occasionally, there's a URL to the online version. [English]
Margins of the Past
This site is a Vatican exhibit - and highlights the comments medieval and Renaissance readers wrote in the margins of rescribed classical literature. URL updated May 17, 2001.[English]
Middle Egyptian
This site's value lies in its information about hieroglyphics.The introduction to hieroglyphics is excellent in its scope and range. Inaddition, there is a project in progress - and in French and English - to start a database of hieroglyphs. [English]
This article claims that early Norse futhark (the rune alphabet) stemmed from a much older common origin and shows similarities to the Gokturks." [English]
Ovid's Metamorphoses
Introduction and commentary on the Metamorphoses, with discussion of myths and links to sources and influences in art and literature [English]
Papyri Pages
The Papyri Pages focus on topics relating to ancient Egyptian papyri and the history and archaeology of "books" and writing in general. They include an exhibit, texts, and links to related sites. [English]
People and Languages in Pre-Islamic Indus Valley
Dr. Tariq Rahman's article explores the linguistic history of the Indus Valley by drawing on the contributions of historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists. [English]
Project Runeberg
Project Runeberg, founded in December 1992, is an open and voluntary initiative to create and collect free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art. [English]
Two looks at the hieroglyphic script of Easter Island - one from someone who believes he has translated it, and a rebuttal of such claims. [English]
Sappho and her poetry as interpreted by scholars of the 20th century
A study on the history of scholarship focussing on the Greek poet Sappho, including some interpretations of major fragments. [German]
Seneca's Oedipus
This webpage - devoted to publicizing a new book - offers also a retelling of the Oedipus myth, and discussion of staging Oedipus. [English]
Sumerian Language Page
Lexicon of Sumerian language, links concerning Mesopotamia and language.
The Dead Sea Scrolls
A Library of Congress exhibit. [English]
The Decipherment of the Olmec Writing System
Based on a paper presented at the 1997 Central States Anthropological Society Meeting, this site details the history and decipherment of the Olmec Writing System - it accepts the Olmecs-as-immigrants-from-Africa theory and finds connections to African languages. (This theory is highly controversial, and by no means widely accepted.) [English]
The Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
E. Cobham Brewer's 1894 version is the basis for this searchable hypertext version. [English]
The Internet Classics Archive
One of the longest-lived and most useful resources out there. [English]
The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project
The project is working to collect all published and non-published Assyrian texts, place them on-line, and to encourage scholarly use of this new database.[English]
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
"The purpose is to provide a free and easy way for the average computer user to access some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. " It is currently a small collection, but it does have some uncommon documents. [English]
The Papyrus of Ani (Egyptian Book of the Dead)
Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge. [English]
The Rongorongo of Easter Island
The corpus of inscriptions is fabulous. Rubbbings AND photographs are available.[English]
The Vergil Project
A collaborative enterprise dedicated to collecting, creating, and disseminating resources for teaching and research about Vergil. [English]
Tlingit National Anthem
As retold by Robert Willard Jr. (Elder, Beaver/Raven Clan) The anthem is the story of a pivotal point in the Tlingit history. [English]
Yamada Mayan Languages WWW guide
With links to an epigraphic database, a virtualart gallery, and archaeological sites. [English]
This site - dedicated to the idea that information wants to be free. A wide array of ancient literature (arranged by author) is available in PDF form.(The Javascript mouseover descriptions are broken in IE/Mac)


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