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Q: Where do I get the latest Verbix for Windows version?

A: Latest official release can be found here: Also check out, if there's any beta test version available.

Q: My Verbix for Windows seems to keep hanging in memory although I've exited. How can I avoid that?

A: Verbix 2008 fixes at least one issue like that.

Q: What do the colors mean in conjugation tables?

A: Basically these colors are applied:

  • Black is used for regular forms of a verb
  • Red is used for irregular forms of a verb
  • Blue is used for ortographic/phonetic or other minor changes in verb
  • Purple is used for obsolete or dialectal forms
  • Gray is used for non-existing/hypothetical forms

The usage of the colors may vary between languages.

Q: I don't see Quechua in the language list. How do I conjugate it?

A: Quechua is supported as a Verbix language extension. To use a language extension, See the Language Extension User Guide

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